Hi. My name is Taylor Butikofer, I love to write good short stories. I am currently working on a fictional short story series for my new blog! Also I will be working on some novels, which are just for fun so far.


Career Day




There my opportunity sat, I had felt as if my whole town was a bare wasteland with nothing to do. I did how know what I was going to do with my life today, but as time drew closer and dawn opened up, the beautiful red morning, was bringing nothing but happiness. Everything appeared as I had seen it.

“I will try out for jobs today and I will get what I want!” I said this with much faith!

It is only the dawn of the day, and much had to be accomplished in this day I am going to become the most successful in my hometown.

I climbed out of my bed which had receded after a few seconds that I am on my feet. I jutted for the shower, and while I did this I tripped over a foreign object on the cold and damp cement floor.

“Why do my roommates always have to leave their stuff around for me to trip on all the time?”

All I want is my roommates just to do what they are supposed to do to make things easier for me instead of this stuff that happens. I thought this as I got dressed, grooming myself to the finest extent an almost married man could make himself be.

I looked good with the nice stuff that I had on. I even smelled like one million dollars, and as I got outside of my house my neighbor, who despised my car, even had waived at me. My day is beginning to look better and better as time goes on.

I drove with appetite for motivation of getting the job. The job gave me goose bumps every time I thought of it.

As I got out of the fast and furious car I drove there are people smiling at me from all directions of my sight. I have an awesome day ahead of me.

I go inside waiting for the moment for the manager to fall on his knees begging me to have the job for which I applied. I waited for a long while, for what seemed to be a half of an hour. Finally the manager pops his head around the corner and tells me that he did not know that he’d scheduled an interview for me.

All he had to say is “I am sorry but I have hired somebody else but I would like you to fill out an application in six months from now.”

All I thought was my dreams have been shattered at becoming a cook at Burger King, which is the passion of my life.

I go home to fix myself a pitcher of ice cream and shed some tears. I wondered when my unique job will come hauling its’ butt around the corner.

My last train of thought, one day I will get a job that will get me where I need to be.