The big fight between one of my roommates and I is the last thing I needed after being through the ordeal that I went through at the restaurant.

He yelled with much intensity “Your dog pooped on the carpet and he is smearing it to and fro.”

Can’t I ever get anywhere without having problems? I kicked over my almost empty garbage can with much hate for the day which is bringing me nothing but pain and sorrow.

Swinging the door open is my next step of the process as my obnoxious dog darts past me like he has some kind of disorder.

“Taunt get back here boy.” I said this to calm him down.

But nothing came of it as he climbed upon my high rise bed.

Get down from there!” I started yelling and finally grabbed him, scooting him off my bed by his tip of his hair on the tall skinny neck from what he had.

He sort of made a yelping sound as to say he gave in to what I am trying to get him to do. Now as I walked him outside my roommate yelled again making me swear to myself, wishing I could prove everyone wrong by getting the best job that anyone had to offer.

“Get this dog mess cleaned up and quit your fooling around!” My roommate had much urgency in his voice!

It took me minutes of gagging and wiping to clean the layers of poop up, and did I mention he peed all over inches away from his doo doo.

The day went on and I felt a sense of relief as I am done with that dreadful task of cleaning up a mess that I did not make. I looked at myself in the mirror and I appeared to be white as those vampires which have their own movie on that series which also makes me white and ail.

There is much that happens in the life of a college student, which is me, and I have to be careful with everything that I do or I will face the dire consequences of stuff like cleaning up dog poop.

I will not wait to write the next bad thing that happens to me. It only will take me a day or two.