Valentines is just around the corner. I wanted myself to get a date so I won’t have to dread being so lonely on Valentine Day.

I rushed to the store hoping that there would be someone I could buy a valentine for.

I push my way past the multitudes of people trying to get what I need off the shelves just as the clock struck eleven, the day before valentine day.

As I came into the store, people were taking over the registers like warriors overtaking bunkers of war. I practically plowed over many to get what I needed. As I saw it people were swiping there long arms to cascade the stuff into their cart full of other stuff.

“Get out of my way!” I started whining loud from the back of my throat.

But as I did this, nobody listened and I dodged people that are rushing to get their last minute shopping done.

As I see the prize sitting with its feverous glow, I ran like my life depended on it. As I ran for what seemed like a thousand feet, I reach out feeling slow motion kick into the highest gear it can go. But solid reality set in and I trip over some ones unseen cart.

I look up with hope still flowing through my blood, but someone comes by and snatches what I idolized and is the key to not being single on valentine day.

“Why does my life always have hardship in everything I do?” I moaned and groaned until I got to the door of the store.  

I then see something else that seems like something to be in awe over. It is not something, it is a she. I asked her to be my valentine, because she is so beautiful. But then she shows me her ring and she had it on her index finger.

Valentine is going to be another lonesome day for me. Just another day in paradise of Stewart Jr. which is I. My life is full of the uttermost trials and I always have new stories to tell.


End of scene Three