Motivation Is Key


Today I did not have motivation to do anything. I couldn’t even go to work. There is much that needed to be done today, but I felt sick inside of my apartment.

You might ask what are you sick of Robert? I am sick of not being motivated in the outside world. My world which I live in, the small town that consumed a tiny pin on the map of the world is not enough.

I sat not knowing what I am going to do. My apartment let off its tiny ticking noises, as if it is counting the thoughts that are going off in my head.

The day is going on at the speed of a snail, and I feel as if I am going to be last in the speedy race. But what might be the race towards? Well that is easy. Since I got my job the other day being a receptionist, I have felt like there is not enough that is motivating me even after the big job break.

Second of all after no motivation, I am eating so much because of the depression that is filling my head. One thing that is depressing me the most is my raunchy roommates that are always getting down my spine from one thing to another.

The other day I considered going to the doctor, but as I did that I felt unmotivated to do that either. Even though it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it through waiting it suddenly happened.

Doctor calls, “Robert? Do we have a Robert in here?”

I fell out of my chair almost for the reason because fatigue is getting under my skin and filling the soul with sleepiness. I then drag my feet down a long hallway enjoying the sweet alcoholic smell that was occupying the air.

The doctor later on asked me dozens of questions to see if he can diagnose the problem which I have been carrying this whole time. I started even feeling unmotivated answering his questions.

The doctor had a hint of being unsure once we were done with the questionnaire interview which he had been asking me.

This leads me to today feeling unmotivated and will be hoping that in a half a week I will be hearing back from my doctor.


Robert Junior

End of scene four