Hi, for those who don’t know me, my name is Robert I am a fictional character, and I am having a hard time every week.

I have been in college for quite some time now and do not love my roommates. My Roommates, who I have been living with the past few months are nothing but mean to me about stuff that I do around the apartment.

I always have to do chores that they ask me to do and why do I do them? Well in order to stay in the apartment contract I have to obey all the rules. But one day I am going to get out of this apartment so I can find another apartment to room in.

You might be asking why I have such problems with roommates but here are some examples of what happens and why I get so frustrated with them all the time.

First example is every time I have a chore to do, they whine pathetically at me. In their own words, “Rob do I have to always tell you what to do or are you going to pick up some responsibility and do your chores that you have had for months now?”

I always end up grumbling and tell them to shove it up their butts, and fight for air! It usually creates an extended sigh and they start looking at me like they are going to kill me or something.

But the second thing is when I get home late from partying too much this really ticks them off. Every night I want some freedom and I end up staying past 12 in the morning and it offends one of my roommates that I would do such a critical thing to myself.

But as the Roommate spouts, “Robert you know your temple is a body that you are ruining, right?

Ugh I just wish they could leave me alone but everything just never stops. There are a ton of other reasons that I totally despise living here but the list never ends.

I wish I could stop having such a hefty journey and start living a good normal life but then again I did find a pretty good job which I love a lot but also has a lot of issues in itself.

Yours Truly, Robert


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