I am on my way home and driving with the camera crew all seated in the back of my car when I threw a piece of garbage out the window.  Maybe I should have rethought throwing a piece of five hundred dollar trash out the window before it caught up to me.

As I am driving down the street and I am also over the speed limit. Also in addition I did not have my license with me. I just thought to myself “wow if today I were to get a ticket I would be in big trouble.”

I thought this the whole time and I worried that something is to become wrong because I had that inner voice telling me that something is to become wrong.

As I passed the Idaho sign that read, Welcome to Idaho. I see a police officer in his car starts to get my attention with his lights and his loud high pitched sound. As I did not let the thought of a police officer pulling me over register in my head I began feeling it as I pulled over and the cop walks over to my car.

Camera man in the back says to act as good as possible and this could make you go far.

But as he says that I start feeling the sweat on the top of my hands and it is coming strong now. Then right as the officer knocks on my window my eye starts twitching rapidly.

I saw by the looks of his outfit that he could be a state police officer because he is wearing a weird color of uniform and a big perfect circled hat. Also His denims were not the of his over top shirt instead of being dark blue they had lightish brown collars with 2 humungous black stripes down both the sides of his pants.

“Yes Officer, may I help with your request?” I wanted to smack myself a hundred times and then a hundred times over again.

“It seems that down this long stretched road about a mile back I saw a piece of trash fly out your window, and it hit my window.” He sounded disgusted now.

“I am sorry officer I will make sure it does not happen again. I am late for an appointment with my psychiatrist.” I tried to appeal.

“I am afraid I will have to get you a ticket son.” He bluntly says this and I detected remorse in his voice.

I tried not to cry but I said to him, “ Whatever needs to be done officer.”

I wait for a long time and I felt my blood pressure rise as every worthless minute goes by. My attention drifts away then I hear another knock on my window. I roll my window down.

“Hears a ticket for litter and hears a ticket for speeding. They will both cost you about three hundred make sure you show up to court on this date.” He pointed to a date which I have something important on those days.

After the cop retreated back into his car, I slowly let the gas out of the car and signaled left into the lane.

I learned my lesson there on, always throw your trash away not out the window. But the camera man did get some great footage.

I will be posting later on so come and stop by for some more for Robert and his Hefty Journie of his life.