I paid the driver’s license and speeding fines and had lots of issues The first thing that stood in my way to pay that strenuous fine, was the door on the outside of the triangle shaped court.

I tried time and time again to open the door, but it just was not opening. Then finally with my motivation of frustration I kicked the door, and thought that would make it open, but kicking it only made things worse.

The alarm which sat on the other side of the door, had detected the kick. When the alarm started ringing, my hands started rubbing my hair back and forth trying to figure what to do next. I felt I was to pay the price for what I the action I just committed. It was not my intention to set it off.

As someone opens the door, there begins to be an old musty smell of a building that could be decades old.

“Sir, how did you get this to happen?” He is referring to that door which got on my nerves. “Come In here.” These were his next choice of words.

I started to fidget my fingers rapidly, twiddling them in between each other.

We then came into a room filled with paper work, which was a gross amount. It had papers stacked to and fro. The mess is just the start of what this place is. People were not friendly; in fact, I even heard vulgar words from behind the thin walls of glass, in people’s offices.

I thought to myself in a judgmental way. “I am so glad I do not work in a place like this. My place at work we treat each other with kindness and respect.”

Stopping at a desk starts to make my body shiver endlessly and teeth start tattering, because of the fear I have with being in court.

As we continued and made our way across the creaky and old floor, we traveled about fifty long and awful smelly inches. As I am led to the counter to pay off the fines, I felt I had the urge to puke, and asked the counter attendant if he had a trash can.

He gives me a trash can and I wait for a couple of minutes until I say that all signs of nausea were clear.

I sort of felt shaky when I came up to the counter to pay my fines, because it felt like a punishment.

But after I talked to the desk attendant, she is nice to me and helped me every step of the way.

Even though every problem in my book arose, I fought back and did not let my fears get the best of me.