The only way to get home the fast way is walk down a dark and dreary alley. But this time I will need something to defend me just in case, one day I get jumped. But I start walking fast and I realize every night that there is something feels like it is creeping in the dark and I wait for something to happen every time I walk down this dark alley. A rat dashes across the pieces of trash, and it makes me jump against the wall.

But today is the day. WAM! I start to feel the thoughts of my conscience fade away. I respond by running. I run in a direction, the direction was not the way I intended to go. I run into the damp brick wall of a building. I hit the building hard, and there is a huge thud. When I bounce back onto to the ground, my butt hit the concrete and it hurt even more than the hit of the perpetrator.

I look up at a forty-five degree angle and see a glimpse of my attacker. I have the outline of his body figured out but I don’t know who the person is yet.

WHAM! I feel something like a heavy object hit the side of my skull.

The attacker speaks while he wraps a cloth around my mouth. No!

“Joshua?” I sound bewildered and my thoughts were still distorted. “Nope guess again. But what does a slut like you want to know?” He asked me with mad tone in his voice.

He starts to tie my hands up, and when my hands are tied up he throws me over his shoulder. He begins to run like a robber who has his share of stolen money. Then I feel the thrust of his hands, he throws me into a trunk. He shuts the trunk it makes a clunk sound.

What will I do now that I am trapped inside a stranger’s car? I jog threw my memories and I remember to kick out the light in the back of the car.

The car speeds into the shadow of the night and he is doing something that is completely forbidden when it comes to the law. But I had a plan to get out of this car as soon as possible. I feel nothing but different parts of the trunk but then suddenly I feel the soft spot.

I kick and kick again. Even after I furiously kicked, nothing budges until both feet are used. Then I feel my feet begin to turn cold.

After minutes my feet start to freeze. I wait and I know; I had my feet outside the car.  But after minutes of my feet out the backlights of the car, the unknown kidnapper steps on the brakes. I hear him get out of the car, and then I hear a siren. The police had rescued me with a crowbar and also arrest the criminal.

I soon figure out it is a lonely bum who tries to hold me hostage. He says when he drives me out of city limits he was going to kill me.

This is one of the scariest moments of my life. From then on I will learn some form of defense techniques. I can defend myself from being harmed like that again.