Sorry to be so long and not write anything for about 13 days. Didn’t realize how fast time flies by. But I hope you enjoy another fictional story.



The number one topic that spins around my head, today, is my rehab from drugs. Ever since I have obtained the TV show called “Heartache”. Some of you know what this TV show is. The Show which is broadcasts every Tuesday night, and is about my life and all the problems I encounter.

One might wonder what this has to do with my drug problem. Well as simple as it is, I have had fame and fortune now for two months and I have felt this problem ache deep within me.  I have so much money to spend.

The luxurious items that I buy, besides the drugs, is not enough to satisfy my spending hunger. I have this painful connection now, to the drugs, that my drug buddy has hooked me up with. This drug that I partake of more than three times a day, is very expensive and it goes by the name of crack cocaine. It is abused by many other people and has a long history. But that history will not be a part of my everyday Life. I will get this under control.

The other day I had lost my stash, and I went totally crazy and started throwing all my house appliances around looking for that stash, which did not go far. I was so frantic that I threw plates out of my cupboard and they broke all over the floor. But that did not deter me any further. I search for an hour, and literally start pulling hairs off my head. I even went to the extremes of screaming into my pillow of my couch. But then it did not even stop there. I worry even more and being addicted I become irrational and start ripping up my carpet. I looked for answers ripping up my brand new carpet, and tear it to shreds.

But now as I’m writing you this I feel as I am doing the right thing and taking this drug rehab to make myself rational again. Drugs are bad for you no matter what one would say; if that person was being oppositional. If one out there knows what I am talking about, I’m sure whoever is out there can relate. I will get over this and I will turn my weaknesses into strengths. I feel that this is the only way out of this type of thing.

Signing Out:                                     ROBERT