When I lived in my spacious six bedroom house, I lived the life. With the drug problem I have now, it has forced me into staying in the homeless shelter. Drugs are bad for you kids. All they will do for you is leave you  on a string, then one day it will cut you off from what you are doing.

I guess you might be asking what I’m doing to keep busy at the homeless shelter. It is as simple as this. I’m taking my time, which I have a lot of, and searching through garbage cans all day. Yes it is a lot of hard work that requires a lot of labor.

I’m still trying to get back into the drug rehab program, but it is hard to get in without any money, or at least not enough money.  Also besides all of this, on a side note, my television show is to come to shoot some film with me being homeless and all.

I guess this is okay with me as long as I can get back into a home, preferably rehab. Rehab is the heart of what needs to happen. I’m so hard core into drugs right now, I will buy drugs over food with my money.

Not to mention, I have moved to Arizona, so I don’t get so cold at night, because I ‘m on the streets. This will hopefully help.

Arizona gets so hot in the summer. I have been here for a month now, and the shade is barely helping me with my dehydration. Yes I’m always getting very dehydrated, mostly during the dreaded day. But the good thing about being here is I don’t need to worry about the night being so cold.

The hitch hike to Arizona was kind of scary. I was scared that some nut head could have killed me, but luckily didn’t.

This is how you live when you are homeless. I hope that all of you have learned how bad drugs are, and how dreaded your life becomes after you turn to drugs for the thrill in your life or whatever you do it for.  DON’T DO DRUGS!

Signing Out:                                               Robert