Waiter! Check please! I then wait for the girl to get me my food check.

You, the reader, might have wondered how in the hell I have money to purchase this fine dining meal at the cheesecake factory.

Well if you have read any of my other posts, I was busy getting my drug problem under control. Well guess what? I have finally overcome that vicious cycle that was getting the best of me.

Oh and the best thing I got out of this is, I’m no longer homeless. It’s fantastic! I have two different things now that I’m so happy about. The second is, in fact, I live back at my old home. I live in Los Angeles, CA, and I intend to stay here for a long time.

After being in Arizona’s drug rehab I then decided to go back home and I found a very good drug rehab program here for free. Who would’ve thought that something like that being free in a place that is so expensive? Well to be honest if I never came back to where my true home is I would’ve never figured that one out. Not Ever.

You might ask, what are you doing for a job now days? Well I will put it plain and simple. I’m still working on the television show called “heartache.” I’m the happiest man in the world because the producer of the show thought he would give me a second chance. The reason behind this is, he thought my ratings would go higher than ever because of me being homeless. Guess what? My ratings skyrocket to the top of the Television chart.

I guess I could say I’m very blessed to be in the spot that I’m in now. Who would like to have their own show and get paid the big bucks? This guy does, and I’m sure there are tons of you out there, that would too.

To get one’s life back on the right road should be everyone’s goal. I know it was an awesome goal for me to achieve, and I know it can be good for you to achieve it too. If you want to post a goal down in the comments section and tell me, what is the goal you are trying to achieve now in your life, I would be more than happy to hear what your road changing goal is.

Signing out:                                                  Robert