How does it feel to be grazed in the nuts by a rock? Well it’s very simple. This morning when I casually mowed my lawn, I had once come upon a rock that was also sitting there and also did its own thing.

Well as I came down a row of grass, I did not expect the unexpected. Probably because I did not expect the massive hard piece to do anything of the effect of fly at me.

But anyways back to the rock. When I was half way done with the chore that I did, in the area of the middle of the lawn, a rock got sucked up into the lawnmower and flung itself right into my nut sack. It hurt.

I doubled down right after this incident. I prayed that it wouldn’t hurt any longer. And I thought I heard myself in my prayers; please put me out of my misery.

Oh it is the worst thing in the world when someone either kicks me in the wrong spot, or the method this rock took by flinging its gray cement like body straight for the soft zone.

As I sit there and begged for mercy, which I knew was not to come; I then realized I needed this rock to keep as an item to remember. It’s now a rock, I look at every time, when I laid in bed and I said to myself; that rock kicked my ass, because I messed with it.

I guess the moral of this story is, if an object is harder than a soft ball, or relating to someone with a bad temper, then you don’t want to get on their rough side. Just pick up what you were to do and continue what you did. In other words turn the other cheek.

But this is another one of those bad, yet, moments of my life in which I learn from my mistakes, even when sometimes it’s a recipe for disaster. I eventually move on, even after getting nailed in the jewels, that with, I hope to create kids with one day.

SIGNED OUT                                                                          ROBERT