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These posts are all a work of fiction! Enjoy!

I’m left in jail with no bail. It’s funny how those two words rhyme. The chime sounds as I do time. There are so many rhymes I can come up with.

I feel like jail is taking forever for me to overcome. One day I’m bending over to pick up the soap which slips out of my hands during a shower with the other cell mates. This is what some people stereotype jail being like. Sometimes it is true; you can get graped in the shower. I’ve been in here for two weeks now and I’ve seen it once already.

The first day I was in county jail; someone threatened me if I didn’t get rid of the so called pony staring at them. I wanted to get into a fight with him because I became so pissed this guy had been ranting on about something that never existed in reality. Try thinking of that, while in jail someone is seeing magical creatures torturing them before their own eyes that is real logical and rational right?

If you guessed yes to the trivia above, then you guessed right. As I sat there on the jail bench with my head tilted back on the wall-; I spurred a thought.

The thought was the guy must have been on drugs- because when I was on drugs I tripped big time on things that other people could not see. Before I got drug help at a rehab-, I used MaryJuana, hash, crack cocaine and even speed.

I did it all. In fact, there was something that I didn’t do. That was I never smoked cigarettes.

You might ask why I’m in a jail cell-rotting my brains. Well, it’s simple as getting caught while trying to rob a family of four and get caught by neighborhood control. For all of you out there, learn the lesson I learned and save yourself some time by not doing the crime. Jail goes by like a snail on Sunday.

This leads me to my last topic for this entry. Someone tried to practice a tattoo on me the other day, while I jumped into bed. I kindly dropped his offer, but the muscle ripped dude kept persisting. He tried to force it on me but I laid him to the ground with my fist above his face.

That leads me to the last lesson for this blog space entry. You have to be tough when in jail. There are people who will not take no for an answer. This will lead to someone prevailing and the other person bending over for the prevailed to do whatever to the victim.

First of all, though, if you just stick to the first lesson and keep yourself out of jail, you will not have to deal with the jerks and their perks in a jail cell.

Stay cool and never drool because you are to become someone’s fool and it will lead off to a duel.

Signed Out:



These posts are all a work of fiction so enjoy!

Gambling is of the devil. It is one thing to spend money, but to gamble; I lost my entire savings. There are many addictions in the world, all of them can take away what you sacrificed for most and loved the most.

This can relate to my story and what happened to me in the duration of my visit to a casino in Las Vegas. It was last week, for the matter of fact.

Oh that terrible afternoon. It was after I went to a gas station in the outskirts of Las Vegas. As I take a seat to wait for my other friend, I spotted a fun game of gamble right on the side of the gas station.

First, I started out with a quarter. Nope that did not work. I slowly and intently lift my hand up to the machine to slide two quarters into the machine and gripped the lever hard and yet played again.

There was no luck both of those times. Just in that small amount of time, my friend comes out and opens his mouth; quickly spoke about the tickets you buy at a booth of a gas station.

“If you want to win at gambling you have to try something that will actually win you some money. This way I earned money out of it; at least to cover what I put into the gambling. Let us go and try to gamble with the cards.”

After his brilliant decision, I look to the right at the gambling machine, I look back to him. I snatch my back from off the table and follow him with precision in my steps to the cashier station; to the front of the store.

“Two tickets please! Can you please pick one ticket for me and one for my friend here?” He said to her with a sense of confidence in his voice.

As she picked out the lottery tickets, we were hopeful that she would pick the winners of the pile.

We quickly take the ticket between our fingers and pulled them back fast. We followed the instructions and scratched off what needed to be.

I loved the site I saw, “I won! I won! I won!!!!!!!”

“Robert what did you win?” He anxiously asked me and peered over my shoulder; just to wait for me to show him.

“Fifty grand. Buuuwya.”

As we filled out of the gas station with our fifty grand, we go to the best hotel/casino in Las Vegas to try and earn more money. But the sad thing was; ended losing our money. In fact, we went into fifty thousand dollars of debt. I’m in a danger to lose my house big time.


All Works are fiction and are for entertainment purposes only! Enjoy. :{)


 The classics of my life in general are great. We do all have our funny things that happen in our life which make us Roll on the floor laughing or also known as (ROFL). This happened, in class, the other day. Everyday seems to have its funny roles but the ones I post up here beat all of them by far. Meaning I will show the funniest stuff.

As I was doing my make-up work the other day, I mostly caught up to what my teacher had the students do for homework. But the funny thing about this was someone else tried to get us to do something that wasn’t from our teacher.

This guy walks into my class and he had his eyes glued onto his notebook. We did not know who he was, but the fact that he came into our class was hilarious. He walks in his narrow short steps towards the board, which is about six feet from the doorway.

Then he starts to write things on the board. They were mathematical equations for the college class down the hallway. He then started to mutter different equations and the sound of his voice ranged from muttering to actually being able to understand what he is saying.

Teacher: Now students open up your math books to page fifty. We will be studying the letter in a mathematical equation.

This made me think, wow this guy is good! He doesn’t even know he is in the English class but yet he is to teach us about the letter in a mathematical equation. How sweet of him.

Or maybe he did know he was in here and thought he would be funny and wise by teaming up with our English teacher and maybe pull a prank on us.

But no, he turned halfway around to face the doom of embarrassment. His face adjusted upward and he looked at the classroom and said, oops sorry; wrong classroom! Then he started to take fast strides to the door but then realized he forgot to erase the board.

He takes long fast steps. He rubs his forehead between his thumb and index finger. He then gets up to the board holds an eraser to the board and swipes back and forth.

He said sorry and pushes the door open with his fingers bent towards the door.

Signed out:


My little brother thought it was funny to be a disgusting person and take about stuff that was rather nasty. In other words, I was hacked……. 😦 Please accept my apologies.