Cancer is the thing,
That is protected by the angels’ wings
Without the angel,
The tumor could be fateful

This is what the inner voice said to me,
As I thought about my grandma
Her cancer was the one big fee,
She had one big flaw

Her heart had the cancer,
Not one thing could be done
But when I got that answer
It was anything but fun

Back when the doctor was sold
I was told,
That she would be okay
But in my mind, the world was nothing but grey,

Months after months came by,
Every night my mother laid there to cry
There was nothing that could be done,
It was utterly not fun

Then the time came,
When someone had fame
The cure to cancer was that answer,
The angel came down with a banner

The voice inside my head,
Reassured that my grandma to be okay
I felt satisfied and well fed,
The worry was to be left at bay

A year went by and my grandma was okay,
But yet even after the miracle cure; she was still old and fray
One Day;that one day,
The angel came to say

Your Grandma has quickly passed away,
But this feeling did not sadden me
I knew this day,
She is finally new and free