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All Works are fiction and are for entertainment purposes only! Enjoy. :{)


 The classics of my life in general are great. We do all have our funny things that happen in our life which make us Roll on the floor laughing or also known as (ROFL). This happened, in class, the other day. Everyday seems to have its funny roles but the ones I post up here beat all of them by far. Meaning I will show the funniest stuff.

As I was doing my make-up work the other day, I mostly caught up to what my teacher had the students do for homework. But the funny thing about this was someone else tried to get us to do something that wasn’t from our teacher.

This guy walks into my class and he had his eyes glued onto his notebook. We did not know who he was, but the fact that he came into our class was hilarious. He walks in his narrow short steps towards the board, which is about six feet from the doorway.

Then he starts to write things on the board. They were mathematical equations for the college class down the hallway. He then started to mutter different equations and the sound of his voice ranged from muttering to actually being able to understand what he is saying.

Teacher: Now students open up your math books to page fifty. We will be studying the letter in a mathematical equation.

This made me think, wow this guy is good! He doesn’t even know he is in the English class but yet he is to teach us about the letter in a mathematical equation. How sweet of him.

Or maybe he did know he was in here and thought he would be funny and wise by teaming up with our English teacher and maybe pull a prank on us.

But no, he turned halfway around to face the doom of embarrassment. His face adjusted upward and he looked at the classroom and said, oops sorry; wrong classroom! Then he started to take fast strides to the door but then realized he forgot to erase the board.

He takes long fast steps. He rubs his forehead between his thumb and index finger. He then gets up to the board holds an eraser to the board and swipes back and forth.

He said sorry and pushes the door open with his fingers bent towards the door.

Signed out:



Wax On. Wax Off.



The other day was the funniest day I have had in years. It all started out with a bag of wax, gone wrong. I had tried to do my duties efficiently, but that is not how it turned out.


The whole thing started out with me not wanting to squirt the wax on the cloth that I possessed. In fact, I felt that the towel did not do its job. Guess what happened next?  I used a plastic bag, and cut a hole through the bottom left corner of the bag.


I then continued. I took my hands and handled the plastic bag and grabbed two sides on separate ends and lowered the plastic thing into the chamber of the wax. This is the part where it started to get messy.


I will save so much time by doing this the easier way. Or so I think. For all I know, my teacher thinks the other way is the better way, but no this is easier than to squirt the wax on a cloth. No, I will not do it that way, but the way that I think will work the best.


As this thought went through my head, I was a genius in disguise. I will be thanked and praised for finding a new way to dish out the wax.


When I had the wax in the bag like I wanted. I then proceeded to wax the floor my way. I stood and stooped over and began to tighten my right hand grip on the bag so it started to ooze out of the bag.


I take my cloth to wipe it into the floor, and I still thought this was a smart way to do it. But as I was half way done with the floor, someone comes in and one of her feet began to lose ground, then the other followed behind it.


Then she said “No. It’s all over my pretty dress. “


That is when I figured out to always listen to my instructor, no matter how genius and clever I think I’m being.


Signed out:




When it comes to college you have to be practical. But that was the funny thing about what happened to me the other day. I did something not practical. In fact, it was very impractical.

When I was in a rush to get into class, someone was trying to rush their way out. It was plenty of funny because I didn’t want to be late, but this guy didn’t want to go to class. As we are heading for each other’s directions, it happened so fast that I laugh at it until this day.

As we were about to collide, I take both of my hands and I push towards his shoulders and made sure that we did not collide.

But this was not enough for me to be satisfied because when he did not stop, I yelled straight at him, “can you even see me?”

But when we collided, everyone started to laugh at me and I felt so embarrassed. People had dropped what they did and pointed, laughed and it left me feeling like a stone statue.

This too has a lesson to be learned from this type of thing that happened to me. Always be alert and for hell sake, watch where you are stepping or in this instance watch where I’m stepping.

But back to the story, when the professor entered the room everyone started to stop laughing but when the professor asked why all the silence everyone began to start to laugh again and some pointed in my direction and I felt like the picked on one.

The professor then proceeds to say okay now pull out your science books to start on chapter ten. But when we all started to pull one of our books out, someone takes my book and dumps it on the floor and everyone started to laugh again.

I thought I heard someone tell me how big of a dork I am but it could have been a figment of my imagination.

Two lessons are to be learned from this story. Everyone can be a bully and try to pay much attention to what one is to do or that one will feel like a big idiot.

Signed Out