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One, two and three- the other inmate counted- and I started to pump out push-ups like hell! The prison inmate had his hand balled into a fist under the lowest part of my chest.

My elbows bend and the inner pits of my arms, opposite of my elbows, were small angles, low, my arms against the ground.

I pushed my body off the ground, with my palms against the rough ground and this all happened in a small amount of time two push-ups, three pushups, consecutively , I pumped out my ups and downs, with the massive muscle mass I began to acquire while using my days for workouts mostly.

This was nothing, I thought with prideful thinking, as I still pumped out the pushups, I let my body fall onto his balled up fist –four down- I use the leverage of my palms to boost myself up again.

This happened so fast, but my bunk bed, inmate told me to not let myself fall too hard on his hand and to use every muscle in my body even more to create a harder work out for me.

“Try harder at the lifting up! Come on, I know you can do lots better at this. Keep pumping the pushups out at the rate you are doing. Seven down, seven up and eight down…”

He started to count the pushups like he thought I suddenly did not know how to count. I forced my voice over his volume and counted ten up, eleven down and so on.

I finally reach twenty-five and the other inmate removes his hand from underneath me as I use my hand to push myself up and sit on my legs. Afterwards I stretched the left leg from underneath me to the front of me and then the other leg to the front while I sit back on my butt.

The other orange suited man, who spotted me, was already on his knees but lifted one leg into standing position and put a hand down to lift up the other leg.

We usually joked with each other but this time he went too far and patted me on the cheek twice like I was some kind of slap around toy.

I waited for him to turn the other direction and one step with one foot, afterward the other step; his right foot took a consecutive step towards the prison bars that held us in.

Before I knew it, he lifted his hands and put every finger around the bars, each are a inch in diameter, and he tipped his head to the left slightly while starring into the blank, brick wall across the hallway.

I slowly put knees on the ground,- slowly one after the other and dropped my palms onto the ground and moved each foot and hand, one after the other limb and quietly sat behind, below and while he does not know it I push my balled up fist into his gonads to get him back for his petty slap that pissed me off so bad.

You guessed right he doubled over in pain and that was the last I heard from him the whole day and I did not get any more prison slaps for the next couple of days because he knew what could be coming for him if he did it again.

Signed out:

                        Robert Haze



Prison has been a hard sentence for me. I’ve only had one time out of two weeks to post this post because I have been locked into solitary for so long. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted for two weeks.

There’s lots to be covered in this post. First of all, the other day while I sat down at lunch, someone pounded the table in front of my lunch. I slowly looked up; my eyes looked up slowly as well.

I let go of my fork and knife and slowly placed it onto the table. I twisted my head to the left and closed my eyes half way.

He demanded me to get up and fight with him. I lifted my legs off the bench and pushed the guy half way but the table was in the way. The table was the thing that kept me from the full force of my hands pushing him over.

He sprawled his left hand out and reached for me collar of my jump suit and gripped tightly to the collar and pulled me in then he stumbled while he came around the table. As this happened some people on our table dropped their jaws and stood up to start clapping.

When he was fully around the table he pulled his fist back and before I know it- he put the balled up fist an arm length to my face but he did not stop there- he repeatedly kept hitting me and hitting me.

This made the guards aware and the whole cafeteria went on lock down because of this one guys dumb mistake of trying to kill me over some dumb food.

The guards dropped spikes while everyone dropped to the ground. Alarms were going on everywhere and no-one knew when the pellets were to stop flying in the air.

Guards thought I started the fight because I pushed him first and know I have been in solitary confinement for two weeks but I’ve finally been placed into normal facility. Prison is only a joy for the hardened spirits.

Signed out:


These posts are all a work of fiction! Enjoy!

I’m left in jail with no bail. It’s funny how those two words rhyme. The chime sounds as I do time. There are so many rhymes I can come up with.

I feel like jail is taking forever for me to overcome. One day I’m bending over to pick up the soap which slips out of my hands during a shower with the other cell mates. This is what some people stereotype jail being like. Sometimes it is true; you can get graped in the shower. I’ve been in here for two weeks now and I’ve seen it once already.

The first day I was in county jail; someone threatened me if I didn’t get rid of the so called pony staring at them. I wanted to get into a fight with him because I became so pissed this guy had been ranting on about something that never existed in reality. Try thinking of that, while in jail someone is seeing magical creatures torturing them before their own eyes that is real logical and rational right?

If you guessed yes to the trivia above, then you guessed right. As I sat there on the jail bench with my head tilted back on the wall-; I spurred a thought.

The thought was the guy must have been on drugs- because when I was on drugs I tripped big time on things that other people could not see. Before I got drug help at a rehab-, I used MaryJuana, hash, crack cocaine and even speed.

I did it all. In fact, there was something that I didn’t do. That was I never smoked cigarettes.

You might ask why I’m in a jail cell-rotting my brains. Well, it’s simple as getting caught while trying to rob a family of four and get caught by neighborhood control. For all of you out there, learn the lesson I learned and save yourself some time by not doing the crime. Jail goes by like a snail on Sunday.

This leads me to my last topic for this entry. Someone tried to practice a tattoo on me the other day, while I jumped into bed. I kindly dropped his offer, but the muscle ripped dude kept persisting. He tried to force it on me but I laid him to the ground with my fist above his face.

That leads me to the last lesson for this blog space entry. You have to be tough when in jail. There are people who will not take no for an answer. This will lead to someone prevailing and the other person bending over for the prevailed to do whatever to the victim.

First of all, though, if you just stick to the first lesson and keep yourself out of jail, you will not have to deal with the jerks and their perks in a jail cell.

Stay cool and never drool because you are to become someone’s fool and it will lead off to a duel.

Signed Out: