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“All arise- Before the judge!”

“Thank you and may be seated! First off let us get to the case of Robert Haze!”

“Robert, I would like you please stand up before the court and state your name please?”

“Yes your honor. Hi, my name is Robert; and this is not all flash fiction darling here from Orange county jail, as you can see , I’m wearing a beautiful orange for my appearance.”

The last comment made the crowd go up in laughter but some jury members not so much!

“Okay thank you, Robert, be seated. Order that’s it, Order in the court! “He started to bang his hammer in motion for the audience to settle down.

The judge begins by bringing up the case of my Robbery from two and a half months ago.

Judge: “I see you are in here for aggravated assault and attempted robbery.”

Attorney speaks: Your honor we have here a case of something that will not happen again. As you can see here on this chart, brought to you by FBI statistical website; the offender has put in at least almost three months.

“He has served his term of statistical time that usually goes with good behavior. “

Prosecutor: Objection! Inmate has had one count of battery while in prison, your honor. He can’t just go around saying that the inmate has changed his radical behaviors by spending just months in jail.

“Over ruled! Go ahead attorney! “

“Yes your honor! As you can see here half of people that go into prison for a term of three months will come out and never repeat the offense again or any other subsequent offenses. Of which all of these statistics are not a flash fiction game. This is all I have your honor.”

“Would the defendant please stand! Robert, since you do have a near clean record, I would love to grant you months to years of your jail sentence on probationary terms. “;

“But as I see here, you are not yet through the three months of jail and I would like to see some more weeks of good behavior to prove the defendants claims of this not being flash fiction.

As in sequence of that said by me, we will go ahead and set another hearing for three weeks from now!

Attorney: “Two weeks, please, your honor?”

“Two weeks will be granted on your request! Thank you for asking so nicely about this flash fiction game. “

He bangs his hammer hard and it makes my ear drums ring. I thought we were friends by the way the judge addressed me at the end. I do wish that could be permitted to yell something but that would raise my sentence.

I end up walking out of the courtroom with my head down because of the shocked feeling I had to get over. It was so close to me being free today to win the flash fiction game? I will push through to the end!



               OUT: Robert Haze




These posts are all a work of fiction! Enjoy!

I’m left in jail with no bail. It’s funny how those two words rhyme. The chime sounds as I do time. There are so many rhymes I can come up with.

I feel like jail is taking forever for me to overcome. One day I’m bending over to pick up the soap which slips out of my hands during a shower with the other cell mates. This is what some people stereotype jail being like. Sometimes it is true; you can get graped in the shower. I’ve been in here for two weeks now and I’ve seen it once already.

The first day I was in county jail; someone threatened me if I didn’t get rid of the so called pony staring at them. I wanted to get into a fight with him because I became so pissed this guy had been ranting on about something that never existed in reality. Try thinking of that, while in jail someone is seeing magical creatures torturing them before their own eyes that is real logical and rational right?

If you guessed yes to the trivia above, then you guessed right. As I sat there on the jail bench with my head tilted back on the wall-; I spurred a thought.

The thought was the guy must have been on drugs- because when I was on drugs I tripped big time on things that other people could not see. Before I got drug help at a rehab-, I used MaryJuana, hash, crack cocaine and even speed.

I did it all. In fact, there was something that I didn’t do. That was I never smoked cigarettes.

You might ask why I’m in a jail cell-rotting my brains. Well, it’s simple as getting caught while trying to rob a family of four and get caught by neighborhood control. For all of you out there, learn the lesson I learned and save yourself some time by not doing the crime. Jail goes by like a snail on Sunday.

This leads me to my last topic for this entry. Someone tried to practice a tattoo on me the other day, while I jumped into bed. I kindly dropped his offer, but the muscle ripped dude kept persisting. He tried to force it on me but I laid him to the ground with my fist above his face.

That leads me to the last lesson for this blog space entry. You have to be tough when in jail. There are people who will not take no for an answer. This will lead to someone prevailing and the other person bending over for the prevailed to do whatever to the victim.

First of all, though, if you just stick to the first lesson and keep yourself out of jail, you will not have to deal with the jerks and their perks in a jail cell.

Stay cool and never drool because you are to become someone’s fool and it will lead off to a duel.

Signed Out: